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Comos Services

COMOS Training


Starting with the obligatory COMOS Training Platform (Basic), you can expand your capabilities across the entire breadth of the COMOS software, or acquire expert know-how via our Administrator trainings. Our range of courses with its wide variety of combination options supports you in acquiring comprehensive know-how that can be immediately applied building up sound knowledge of COMOS in theory and practice. Please note,however, that some training courses require prior knowledge of certain topics.

COMOS Conversion Services

Legacy Data Migration Services is a process of converting blueprints, images, pdf, AutoCAD to digital and intelligent COMOS format to aid the Re-Engineering of the parts to the client’s current requirements. It helps companies to create a knowledge repository and create process data options based on the inputs from the customer. We deliver intelligent outputs and assist its clients in management of the change across the project life-cycle. Whether it is converting legacy data into digital & intelligent formats or updating existing assets as per operating condition.

CAD migration can also help your organization to digitize your documents into the latest updated version. This can lead your organization to the path Industry 4.0



We have a very strong team to support the development using SIEMENS COMOStools skills in the following areas:

  • Paper designs/ electronic design files i.e. 1D ,2D to Intelligent documentation.
  • Laser Scanning to 3D models.
  • PDF & DWG/DGN conversion to Intelligent documentation.
  • Migration of Old CAD files /Paper files to latest version documentation in smart format.
  • Migration from one CAD platform to another CAD platform.
  • Legacy CAD data conversion.
  • Legacy CAD data migration.
  • Drawing standard conversion (E.g. ANSI to DIN).
  • Plant Engineering document management.

COMOS Customization services

  • Develop CAD productivity tools.
  • API development.
  • New 3rd party interfaces development.
  • Deliverable documents template development.
  • Interoperable connectors based on ISO 15926.
  • 2D-3D interface configuration with AVEVA & SIEMENS COMOS Walkinside.
  • Symbol and property development as per company standard.
  • Excel & XML interface.
  • Custom dll development for SIEMENS COMOS.

COMOS support service


  • Setting up accounts.
  • COMOS start-up issues.
  • Upgrade to latest version.
  • Application crash/hang.
  • Script errors.
  • Lists & Drawings.
  • Foreign documents types.
  • Import/Export/copy issues.
  • Query issues.
  • Working layer management including create/copy/delete for working layers.
  • User management tasks including modification of user related data, user rights etc.
  • Modification of queries, reports, lists, drawings and stamping data settings.
  • Admin of data backup and/or copying of data that is to be restored or recycled.