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React js - is a famous open-source JavaScript library designed to develop the user interface. This technology is upheld by Facebook, Instagram, and other developers from different publics and companies. React js lets us develop single-page and mobile applications. Our React js development company has a big portfolio with various projects based on React js development technology.

Famous React js projects

  • Facebook

    It uses React js partially, both for the PC version and for the mobile app.

  • WhatsApp

    WhatsApp — specialists of this service decided integration of React js for UI (user interfaces) design.

  • Netflix

    Most actively involved in Gibbon platform. The core feature is the possibility to adjust settings for TVs with low performance. The library helps speed up downloads and increase productivity.


  • Yahoo! Mail

    Thanks to Facebook, these services have become streamlined in terms of architecture. The React js came to them because of a number of its properties: one-way data flow, the ability to use a virtual DOM, an active community.

  • Instagram

    In such a popular application, the React js takes one of the key places. From the geolocation determination to the accuracy of the search functionality - such things are often done on React js.

  • Dropbox

    In the wave of the popularity of the library, react js development began to be used also for this site.

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React js Key Benefits

Our React js development team uses this popular library to create user-friendly interfaces in the single-page applications (SPA). React js operates well to manage the view layer for web and mobile apps. This technology helps web designers and React js developers building convenient UI modules. Here we define some of its key benefits:

  • Virtual DOM
  • Easy integration with JS frameworks
  • React js rendering on the server
  • Resistance to large loads
  • Reactivity
  • Large community on GitHub
  • Overwhelming amount of opensource component
  • Easy migration between versions

One of the main features of React js is freedom of action, react js developers have a huge number of approaches to building applications with its help (redux, mobx, and others).


  • Virtual Dom. Why it is faster?

    React's Virtual DOM is mainly a js Object that’s why it is faster than real Dom. Thanks to reading/writing on an object it is not costly. So when any changes (events, objects) were sent to virtual DOM it simply changes on the real DOM.

  • React js. Is this library or a framework?

    The library differs from the framework by the notion that the framework describes the architecture and configuration of the developer code. Therefore, how your application should be developed depends entirely on this. Imagine that it’s like a frame for the house. At the same time, the library is more appropriate for a piece of furniture and interior filling, which, in turn, we add into the already made house.

    React js really offers some key features. You decide how to handle the library, however, it is still rather ambiguous as to how certain actions should be performed (GraphQL requirements, Flux, etc.). Despite all this, Facebook introduces React js as a library.

  • What languages React js supports?

    As already mentioned, this technology is a Javascript library, therefore it is made on the basis of Javascript. To use it, js developers mostly use Javascript. If desired, they can use JSX or Javascript addition, XML-Esque to construct user interface modules. The JSX syntax will be transformed to its Javascript corresponding, but basically, it is much easier to be written.

    React is a very widespread technology, that’s why there are bindings for practically all languages that are ported to JavaScript (Flow, ReasonML, ClojureScript, TypeScript, etc.). Developers can find a huge number of various documents on how to bound it with appropriate languages (for instance, ReactJS.NET, which makes it better usage in apps based on C#).

  • Does it require any extra setup?

    To configure React js, it is not enough to simply run the installation file. Its configuration requires many processes. Beginning from React js library installation, other packages that need to be set, and finishing with many configurations to create a comprehensive React js development environment.

    There also need to install useful packages such as webpack and babel, forming them to create a full React js development environment. Perhaps you may skip the installation of these packages and still build simple projects deprived of them, but dealing with bigger projects, their installation is required.

  • Could the React js library be added to an actual project?

    Yes, this technology can be connected to live projects because of being a library. To start, developers need to set up it on their system, which means that they just need to integrate react and react-dom script into the current HTML code of any project, and then request the Javascript file having the component that they created, also using a tag of the script. In the end, the div tag is positioned through the name of the component as its identifier, where the React js component should have been placed, and no more actions needed.

  • What about the gradual migration in React js?

    React was specifically created to facilitate gradual adaptation. After all, it is possible to use only certain functions, missing all the others. Later, developers can incorporate more React js functions into their codebase. Well-known companies such as Netlify have switched from other JavaScript libraries towards React js, performing this step by step.

  • React’s competitors. What are they?

    Angular was the only competitor since the React js creation. Currently, you can find more than 10 presented libraries and frameworks that also spread on the field of React js functioning. Vue is the most well-known of them, but such solutions as Ember, Aurelia, Elm, Mithril are also in high demand.

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