Angular js development

Angular js is a framework supported by Google and designed to develop a SPA (single page application). Our Angular js developers have extensive experience working with various projects. They can create a cross-platform application of any complexity for you. Google introduced the framework in 2012. The developers immediately fell in love with it due to the short learning curve and many functions that allow solving any front-end task. YouTube, UpWork, PayPal, Netflix, and others use Angular js development.

Angular js development benefits

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    The framework is compatible with any platform: web, mobile, desktop.

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    The framework is based on a Microsoft developed language, which is backward-compatible with Java Script.

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    A wide range of tools

    Form Control is designed to strengthen forms. It also can send various types of asynchronous HTTP requests, the function of configuring routing, etc. This is just a shortlist of Angular js functions. The framework contains everything you need to create a SPA project.

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    One of the main advantages of Angular js development is the ability to describe the behavior or individual DOM models transformation and extend the HTML syntax. In the basic version of the framework, there is a set of basic directives that you can expand with your practice. Besides, Angular js development companies often publish their directives collections in the public domain, which also can be used.

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    Clean markup

    The hard link absence between the application components allows the replacement of individual parts without starting the project from scratch. Also, Angular js has no connection between the logic and the application presentation. This how we get a clean and simplified markup.

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    Own community

    Active service, a large Angular js developers community, and own ecosystem. There is a huge amount of information and cases that you can take as an example when developing a new project.

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Recent Work

Angular js development at SITS

  • Project and customer requirements analysis and goal determination. Within 24 hours our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of all the requirements and features, compare with finished projects, and provide a detailed report.
  • Developing, coordinating, and approving the work scope. We set the deadline based on the analysis result. Also, we suggest several solutions and approve the best one together with the client.
  • Distributing the task inside the team, writing code, testing, and commissioning. The work scope is transferred to the Angular js development team, which previously worked with similar projects. Then the manager distributes tasks inside the team. The finished application is tested and submitted to the customer for a revision.
  • Final version application delivery.


  • What browsers support Angular js?

    Most of the desktop and mobile browsers support Angular js development.

  • What is Angular js testability?

    The developers made sure that it is easy to test and worked out. Besides, there is a built-in dependency injection framework and mock support for most heavy dependencies.

  • Is Angular js a library, framework, or browser extension?

    Angular js is lighter than most frameworks, but it should not be confused with the library. Angular js is 100% Java Script, works completely on the client-side, and is compatible with browsers on any devices. It is not a plug-in or other browser extension. Angular js is a framework.

  • Do I need to worry about Angular js security?

    The framework has built-in protection against most security holes. Also, it is compatible with Content Security Policy (CSP), HTTPS (SSL / TLS), and server authentication and authorization, which prevent any attacks. Angular js development companies work on application security using all available tools.

  • What is the Angular js loading speed?

    It depends on the internet connection quality, the browser cache load, the equipment, and other settings. IF everything works properly, the load time equals hundreds or even tens of milliseconds.

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