Plant DigitalizationPath to Industry 4.0.

Digitalization is a Time Saving and more Accurate way of Reverse Engineering done to generate or update the As-Built documentation of an entire facility.

Benefits of Digitalization

  • Future Plant Modification.
  • 3D Scanning and Modelling cost is similar or less than traditional As-Built.
  • Minimize the number of site visits and stay.
  • Safe, Efficient & High Quality data.
  • Better insight enables quicker Decision-Making.
  • Non-contact, Ideal for Hazardous Areas.
  • Mitigates Project Risks.
  • Helps in Asset Management (Operation and maintenance).

Our Scope will cover

  • Site Verification.
  • Generating As-Built Intelligent 3D Model using Laser Scanning Tools.
  • Updating with As-Built changes.
  • Conversion of P&ID into Intelligent format.
  • Generating Rendered & Visualized drawings.
  • Creation of Piping and Structural General Arrangement drawings and sections.
  • Creation of Isometrics Issuing Bill of Material (BOM).