Enterprise software development

In this category we combined SaaS apps and corporate software development for enterprise. The key to the success of such projects in enterprise is flexible methodology and well thought out architecture. Therefore, our enterprise software development company necessarily stick to the Scrum, which allows to streamline complex and long enterprise projects as well as to make the work process transparent for the client. In addition, architectural analysis of the project is mandatory at the initial stage of work, key elements of the system are documented and covered by integration and unit tests.

Enterprise Development Services:

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    MVP for Startups

    The safest way is to begin with MVP. We are at hand to check first users feedbacks and, of cause, convert your solution into sustained product.

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    SaaS App Development

    More than 20 completed SaaS projects by our development company help to reveal about successful process from idea to release, that makes possible to overcome you all difficulties.

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    Enterprise Solutions

    Your app might have any platform, our enterprise software development company is ready to suggest you appropriate and user-friendly solution to make your enterprise software development process efficient.

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Recent Work

Project enquiry

Till 1-5 days

You get full-scale estimation. The project detailed analysis make your idea totally comprehensible for us. In order to find the most relevant solution, our company need to identify project goals, possible issues or methods that you want to inherit during software development for enterprise. If your app is already working or you have a part of code from earlier projects, we could review the existing materials for free. In case you are not sure in appropriation of using technology, our enterprise software development company is ready to help.

Planning and team allocation

From 1 to 2 weeks

You get team with defined roles and responsibilities. During this phase, the scope of the project is defined and a project management plan is developed. It involves identifying the cost, quality, available resources, and a realistic timetable. The project plans also include establishing baselines or performance measures. A baseline is essential to determine if a project is on track. At this time, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, all those involved in the custom enterprise software development knows what they are accountable for.

Software development

Timeframe difined on the planning stage

You get the "do" phase of the project. We actively track assigned tasks and ensure that the project stays on course. We'll hold meetings, send out status reports, and ensure that your enterprise project runs smoothly. Our enterprise software development company keep project transparent for the clients whatever happens, share progress each week and involve them in all project phases.

From analysis to release

Project steps

If you are planning to create enterprise software development B2B or B2C project, the SITS team is here to help you on all development stages. Our development company analyze and define requirements, investigate the core of enterprise project, estimate time and cost, implementate solutions, test and, of cause, release ready-made product.

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    Identifying project scope

  • 02

    Platform evaluation

  • 03

    Feature-rich UI/UX design

    • 04

      Solution implementation

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  • 07

    Release and further support


Most of our engineers have senior level and continue to expand their skills working on different projects. Regardless of selected framework, whatever it be .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js you can be sure in upscale specialists of enterprise software development company.

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