Cross platform mobile development

Cross platform application is a technology that allows you to use code across iOS, Android, and web platforms. It helps to optimize the budget and timeline for development, as well as simplify the following support. Using our experience we are able to choose the most appropriate technologies for your project.

Benefits of cross platform apps

The advantages and benefits of cross platform app development are obvious.

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    Codes can be reused

    By using cross platform development tools, mobile application developers are up to use the same code on all platforms. This helps to cut down on recurring tasks. Now developers are free to suggest ready-made solutions for some functions that are supposed to be used in your mobile application.

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    Controls Cost

    Previously, the customer had to re-spend funds each time to develop applications for each individual platform while developers were spending double efforts. Now, thanks to the advent of cross platform development technologies, companies only need to invest once in the development to get their cross platform mobile application.

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    Quicker development time

    Increasing the development speed makes your business product reach the market sooner than before. The time that has been freed up can be spent on thinking out on design and superior code for your brand-new app. Thus, your business marketing, your target consumers, and even developers of your mobile application are in a win-win situation.

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    Easier Implementation

    Modern cross platform solutions offer a range of technologies that make it more effortless for developers to apply changes. This makes it easier to sync updates across all mobile devices, and also speeds up the development of apps.

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    Increasing of the targeted audience

    The main goal of mobile app development is to acquire as many consumers as possible. When your application looks and feels the same on both devices, your business gets the opportunity to reach the maximum target audience And become fully integrated into the market.

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Cross platform tools and frameworks We Use.

React Native is a highly demanded JavaScript framework, offering a simple user interface for constructing mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. React Native allows creating a code with a single programming language without using the separate codes for both the platforms — Android and iOS. It makes the software development process cost less so far as this way a customer doesn't have to employ a huge team of developers for getting the job done.

NativeScript is currently the most up-to-date mobile app development framework for establishing JavaScript, Angular, or TypeScript mobile apps. It allows creating applications and sharing code betwixt web and mobile. NativeScript is easy for developers to modify, update, and release newer versions, which also means the cost reduction of the final product.

Why choose Brights?

  • Brights suggests to clients the agile development process top-notch mobile applications and end-to-end robust solutions on an expert level.
  • We created a certain amount of various cross platform apps for complex requirements using the cross platform frameworks and possess an accomplishment in varied industries of business.
  • Experienced and talented developers of our cross platform mobile app development company will become a part of your team or can work independently in time pressure and deadlines.
  • We are always keeping you in the loop, providing cost-effective projects, designed to match your goals.
  • Our customers are getting active support and maintenance at all stages of the cross platform mobile application development procedure.


  • What are the advantages of cross platform mobile development?

    One of the most considerable benefits of cross platform app development is the speed of the developing process. Using the common source code through the multiple platforms helps to reduce 50–80 percent of development efforts for each particular project. This inevitably leads to a reduction of costs and enables development teams to abide and accurately stick to the actual project’s timelines.

  • What technologies do you guys use?

    We are using the most present-day technologies including both web and mobile app development. ReactNative and NativeScript frameworks which are the most appreciated and responsible mobile development frameworks nowadays.

    Both of these tools give developers the ability to construct cross platform mobile apps and share the main goal — to build high-quality apps with intuitive performance, without excessive overhead.

  • What platform should we prefer? iOS/Android or both?

    We recommend launching the product on both the platforms - iPhone and latest Android smartphones because of the growing popularity of both of them.

  • What will happen to my application with new OS releases for iOS and Android?

    After the new OS releases, you should first test your application and figure out if there are any points that are not working. Then you should approach the software development company that developed your application, so they can come up with an instantaneous solution.

  • Will my cross platform website look good and work properly on all desktop and mobile devices?

    Yes, we will make a responsive website and make sure your cross platform mobile application looks good and correctly works on all desktop browsers and all mobile devices as well.

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