Accurate and timely medical billing can mean the difference between a practice that just gets by and one that grows and prospers.  

SITS solutions is an US based Healthcare Billing Service provider with a comprehensive Medical Billing Service and Receivables Management System. You can benefit from our expertise in multiple specialties. Our rates are extremely competitive, our service is second to none and we are committed to maximizing your income while simultaneously treating your patients with courtesy and compassion.

We can help you significantly reduce payroll costs, accelerate revenue cycles, assure processing accuracy and regulatory compliance, and enhance patient and physician satisfaction. We will:

  • Focus on low-value, low-margin accounts that make it difficult for you to profitably recover your revenues.
  • Generate cleaner, faster claims with extensive healthcare business process knowledge, multiple layers of quality control and compliance checks, and quick turnaround in upstream billing processes such as coding and charge entries.
  • Attain better yields at lower cost through our efficient payer follow-up and denial/rejection processes.

Focusing on the above aspects, our medical billing services along with our proprietary tools and processes, we help our clients to dramatically reduce their account receivable. In addition, due to the proactive approach of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling key upstream metrics, recurrent billing issues are identified and remedied at the source, thereby reducing future rework.

Our highly trained team, use of leading technology, quick ramp-up, and meticulous compliance processes will free you to focus on business-building core capabilities and increased patient and physician satisfaction means more business for you.

Our Medical Billing Services Include:

  • Charge Entry
  • Reconciliation
  • Payment Posting
  • Account Receivable Payer Follow-Up
  • Coding Review Audits
  • Provider Data Updates
  • Legacy/old Accounts Receivables And Follow-Up
  • Overflow Billing Support
  • Pre-Registration/Registration
  • Denial Management and Posting
  • EOB Follow-Up & Denial Analysis
  • Insurance Verification /Financial Counseling
  • Management Reporting

Our Medical Billing Services Offer:

  • Shorter Turn around time
  • Shorter accounts receivable cycles
  • Streamlined medical claim preparation
  • Reduced staffing issues and training time
  • Improved patient and physician satisfaction
  • Persistent follow-up with Payers to attain better yields at lower costs
  • Quicker settlements and Higher profitability
  • Creating faster and clean claims submissions
  • Cleaner medical claims and increased productivity
  • Focusing on low dollar accounts, to recover revenue
  • Quick denial tracking & efficient appeal and dispute resolution

Our experienced and dedicated staff will focus their time on matters such as your billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, increasing payment on underpaid claims, capturing revenue from non-submitted claims and following up on small dollar secondary claims. We provide 24-hour turnaround for large and small accounts across multiple specialties. Each team member has substantial experience in the U.S. Healthcare Industry to analyze Explanations of Benefits (EOB's) and claims, and take the necessary actions to recover the due amount. We reduce days in account receivable, improve collection ratio, and increase the probability of payment.

With our medical billing process your billing process will become simple and effortless and the process is 100% HIPAA complaint.

No New Billing Software Required:

We work on your billing software. So no new billing software is required, nor is there any need to convert any existing billing data to any new software. We will adopt seamlessly with your existing software or electronic medical record and practice management system and replicate your processes. Our medical billing teams are expert and are well versed with most often used billing systems or softwares. We also take pride in our fully dedicated in-house training & development program that works with a subject matter expert across various service delivery areas to develop specific training schedules, where our delivery teams can quickly hone ourselves to any new specialized software/expectations.

SITS solutions, medicinal coding administrations insurances enhanced quality  

SITS solutions, medical coding services guarantees improved quality, next day turnaround and elimination of hiring & retention challenges for experienced medical coders, with that we also assure you with huge cost savings

With our cost effective outsourced medical coding services you enjoy cleaner claims, fewer denials, enhanced revenue and freedom to focus on your core capabilities. Accurate Medical Coding is a priority for all healthcare providers and we can free them from recruiting & training coding staff ensures reduced labor costs, improve coding accuracy and ensure compliance with government regulations.

We have in-house, full-time AAPC certified medical coders. All our team members receive extensive training. All coding work is audited by in-house and also external coding & compliance experts to ensure highest accuracy.

We provide access to experienced certified CPT and ICD9 coders with skills in multiple clinical specialties and all hospital coding disciplines. We serve medical groups, academic practices, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and coding companies throughout the United States.

Our Medical Coding Services Include:
  • Medical Coding Audits
  • Hospital/in-patient Coding
  • Facility/non Facility RVU’s
  • Payer Specific coding prerequisites
  • Emergency Room E-code evaluation
  • DRG/ICD-9-CM Coding validations & review
  • ASC’s – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding
  • ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines
  • CPT, APC, DRG’s and HCPC’s coding across various specialties

Our Medical Coding Specialties :

Cardiology, Radiology Coding Services, Neurology, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Ancillary Coding Services, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Dental Coding Services, Anesthesia, Oncology, Emergency Room Coding Services, Gastroenterology, ASC Coding Services, Surgical coding Services.

Our Medical Coding Services Offer :

  • Highly economical
  • 24Hr Turn around time
  • 98.5 % or better accuracy
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Feedback & Custom Reports
  • Transparent methodology with consistency & reduced risk
  • Clean Claims and fewer denials
  • Industry best 2 tier quality assurance
  • AAPC Certified In-house coding specialists
  • 2 Tier Quality Audit, stringent QA, Industry’s best
  • No IT/Infrastructure Investment

Our experience and technological expertise ensure clean claims, fewer denials, and optimal revenue. Transparency in our coding methodology gives you access, produces consistency, and significantly reduces risk of errors. Our customers receive regular feedback on coding changes, front-office documentation practices, and periodic reports including utilization reviews, case-mix review, and coding-related denial analysis.

Medical billing services

Our charging office guarantees that all bills are submitted with the right data. We see that it is so significant to enter points of interest effectively so that there are no postponements or dissents. Whether it is a superbill or an experience structure, our prepared staff will precisely and proficiently enter points of interest identified with patient demographics, date of administration, CPT and ICD codes with modifiers, and the amount of units. Also, we direct Quality checks at two levels to guarantee correctness of information.

Medical claims processing

We can perform both online cases transforming and methodology paper claims. For online cases, we have the competence to unite with your product by utilizing a safe association and submitting all such guarantees electrically. Moreover, our QA group will perform Quality checks at two levels. This helps us dispense with any blunders and guarantees that risks for the dismissal of cases are minimized.

Revenue cycle management

We can help you submit asserts in an auspicious manner. We process claims, as well as catch up with insurance agencies to augment the repaid sum. Our center is on guaranteeing that each one case is paid at the soonest. Along these lines, we can help you expand your income, decrease your operational expenses and better deal with your money stream.

Medical coding services

Faultless medicinal coding is discriminating for all health awareness suppliers. We can help you guarantee agreeability with government regulations and additionally help enhance coding correctness. All you have to do is output your patient records and transfer them on our protected FTP server. Our devoted group of coding masters will download and investigate these documents consistently. At last, our Quality Assurance (QA) group will check the cases for:

  • Incorrect or missing ICD-9 diagnosis
  • Incorrect or missing CPT-4 modifiers
  • Incorrect or missing CPT procedure codes

Accounts receivables management

We comprehend the significance of determined take after ups for quicker repayments. Our prepared staff continually stay in contact with insurance agencies by telephone, email, and so forth to guarantee that claims are settled rapidly. All installments are presented on the charging programming. Any halfway installments or dissents are broke down in point of interest. They are then remedied and re-submitted to the insurance agency.

SITS solutions is devoted to enhancing the way doctor's facilities and medical practitioner practices work regularly  

SITS solutions is dedicated to improving the way hospitals and physician practices operate on a daily basis. We leverage leading internet technology to provide more efficient, quality-driven, and cost-effective Medical Transcription Services to various single physicians practices, medical groups, health clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals as per AAMT guidelines.

Our Medical Transcription Services provides a seamless integration with the hospital or medical practice, which include dictation capture, routing and transcription, to returning documents in the any preferred format to any destination or software. We offer complete or partial outsourced, or even overflow medical transcription services, with a full array of flexible solutions that can be designed to meet your specific needs. We do offer customize solutions based on your facility’s individual dictation system requirements, hospital information platform, and delivery format of transcribed reports.

Our global delivery centers for transcription services provide huge efficiency, quick turn around, and savings which we pass on to you.

SITS solutions is one of the leading providers of Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services, providing a highly efficient, cost effective and reliable service to various single physicians, medical groups, healthcare clinics, and hospitals. We utilize our global advantage and in-house resources to provide economical medical transcription outsourced services.

Our Medical Transcription Services Offer :
  • 100% Hipaa Compliance
  • 24hr Turn around Time
  • No It/infrastructure Investment
  • In-house medical transcription specialists
  • 3 Tier Quality Audit
  • 99% or better accuracy
  • Industry best Quality Assurance
  • Highly Economical
  • Ability to handle Stat reports
  • Custom Reports
Our Medical Transcription Process Include:

The physician dictates reports using any existing digital devices. Using state-of-the-art technology and proven conventional methods, we have the ability to capture your dictation from any system you are currently using.

Dictation is retrieved and then transcribed into medical records using software that interfaces with multiple platform,

Our Transcriptionist’s are well-trained, proficient and are specialists with American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) guidelines and Medical Terminology listen to the voice recordings of the doctors or other healthcare professionals and provide error-free transcripts.

The completed transcripts undergo 2 levels of Quality Control checks –Spelling and Grammar Errors and Review of each report for contextual errors as per client specifications.

The Transcripts can be delivered in virtually any preferred format and with just about any method such as;
  • Printing on-site at your facility
  • Faxing copies directly to your physicians
  • Importing documents directly into your medical records/hospital software
  • Transcribing directly into your medical records software
  • Scheduled e-mail delivery
  • Secure, encrypted Internet download via HTTPS and FTP
  • Custom-designed reports with your facility logo

We are a group of business minded, forward considering, effective and scientific individuals  

We are a team of business minded, forward thinking, efficient and analytical people, all what you look for in a high powered Revenue Cycle Management company. We have all the capabilities that can improve and accelerate you revenue cycle process, so you can achieve higher productivity, faster payments, decreased costs, and improved patient service.

Whether you are a single physician practice or an enterprise-wide Revenue Cycle Management solution, SITS solutions can help you advance business performance.

The single solution company for your medical practice:
  • Measure quality outcomes
  • Accelerate Work flow
  • Improve Business
  • Proactive Revenue Management
  • Get Paid Quickly
  • Trusted Partner

Our experienced and dedicated staff will focus their time on matters such as your billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, increasing payment on underpaid claims, capturing revenue from un-submitted claims and following up on small dollar secondary claims. Mostly we provide 24-hour turnaround for large and small accounts across multiple specialties. Each team member has substantial experience in the U.S. healthcare industry to analyze Explanations of Benefits (EOB's) and claims, and take the necessary actions to recover the due amount. We will reduce days in account receivable, improve collection ratio, and increase the probability of payment.

SITS solutions

Engagement Model

Higher Value, Lower Costs, Lower Risks, Faster Time-to-Value  

Initially most of our customers had inhibitions about outsourcing their healthcare back office work but after having worked with us they have changed their opinions. In the process we have discovered a systematic approach to engaging with customers which has made their process easier.

Comprehension your prerequisite and modifying our administrations to suit is basic and adequate. Nitty gritty underneath are basic steps to kick your outsourcing engagement off with us .

Transition Methodology

At an organization level any outsourcing project    would involve the tangible changes in structure and processes  

At an organization level any outsourcing extends might include the substantial changes in structure, forms, engineering, society that the organization might experience to go from the present state to the sought future state. At the singular level, it might include the techniques required for the people to acclimate to the better approach for living up to expectations.

Our organized approach to outsourcing & dependable track record of fruitful execution has helped us manufacture validity and a position as "your most favored outsourcing accomplice".

Our complete approach deals with every one of the three stages of the Outsourcing Services.

Security & Confidentiality

At an organization level any outsourcing project    would involve the tangible changes in structure and processes  

In perspective of the affectability connected with the Healthcare Information, all our groups finish up completely secured idiotic terminal Pc's which don't have a floppy drive, Cd drive or a Usb port. We take all consistence identified concerns of our clients quite genuinely and we address them proactively. Our conveyance focus houses the most mechanically propelled foundation to handle information security issues . Here is the way we go past the rudiments measures:

Information Confidentiality
In perspective of the affectability connected with the Healthcare Information, all our groups finish up completely secured idiotic terminal Pc's which don't have a floppy drive, Cd drive or a Usb port. The groups have confined remote access to the customer's programming requisitions and devices empowering them to do the work needed to finish the needed administrations just in a protected way. Particular customer systems are physically separated and have devoted firewalls into the customer's system for an extra security.

System Security
Full time in-house security group devoted to observing programmer destinations, evaluating conceivable dangers. This group guarantees Physical security, organize security, provisions, desktop and voice and information security, Centralized control over undertaking assets, change control, access control and arrangement administration for least disturbance in client administration conveyance. Thorough round the year reviews are led to assess dangers and improve and execute significant counter.

Physical Security
In our conveyance focus nobody is permitted in without screening and nobody is permitted to get or take any data catch mechanisms incorporating versatile telephones and Polaroid’s. The office is verifiably secured with access just to commissioned people in customer particular regions ensured via card book lovers and a protected access frameworks.. A 24×7 security constrain physically monitors the office from any unapproved access.

100% Hipaa Compliant
We are dedicated to attaining and looking after agreeability with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Hipaa) of 1996. As your reliable accomplice in the chain of convey patient health data, we have set up particular specialized and physical security emphasizes for our information framework, incorporating Id of sanctioned clients, control of framework access, information honesty, and backup/recovery to guarantee accessibility and dependability. In consistence with Hipaa, security is supported utilizing a consolidation of sanctioned instruments and secure attachment layer convention.

Validation is guaranteed through proficient utilization of passwords to secure client personality. Access to our restrictive workflow and dispersion framework is allowed just after verification.

Information, program, framework, and arrange respectability assume a part in guaranteeing that data is traded just in an approved way.

Review Trial
Finish logging of all alterations made to every last report incorporating manager, proofreader's part, and time of alter. Framework Security Monitoring Screening of exercises happening in our framework to forestall or locate any rupture.

Information Storage and Transmission Features Secure physical space of all information and secure transmission. This incorporates consistent reconnaissance by system specialists, premises ensured by security watches, and safely encoded transmission between Global Edge and its customers.

Secrecy Agreements
We limit access to all private data. Just select representatives might access the framework for managerial and backing purposes. These representatives are exceptionally constrained in number and are submitted to the Global Edge protection and security approaches. Worldwide Edge signs a Confidentiality Agreement with each of our representatives and our clients.

"The goal of Phonetics9 is high-quality healthcare services, 24x7 coverage in a cost effective way."