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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Using over 165 fully-featured services from data centers globally our development company provides an infrastructure on the basis of AWS, helps to become more agile, and lower costs for the fastest-growing startups and largest enterprises.


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Amazon Web Services (or simply AWS) can help to grow your business in scale. AWS is known as a powerful cloud platform, capable to cope with numerous computing and developing cases. Using fully-featured services from data centers globally, our AWS development company provides infrastructure using a large variety of AWS.

Brights company is ready to introduce new ways in your business, making it more innovative. Besides that, using AWS will significantly reduce your operative costs and help to size a new place in the cloud market. AWS is a perfect solution for startups, corporations, and enterprises.


Our Expertise in AWS Development

AWS is a perfect tool to use for both business corporations and small entrepreneurs. Apart from being highly technological, AWS services are among the most secure and scalable in modern digital space. Brights is here to introduce AWS development and to get the very best of AWS infrastructure, from cloud computing to developing highly technological cloud applications.

  • AWS Compute Service

    Bringing a true evolutionary approach to cloud computing, AWS continues to be the pioneer in all spheres of cloud services. As a professional development company, Brights can easily help you find the solutions you need.
  • AWS Analytics Service and Monitoring

    Thanks to numerous analytic tools, it is easy to navigate within AWS services. By introducing a system of different combinations, you can easily eliminate the unnecessary part of the chain which seems to be ineffective. This can be easily estimated with the help of powerful analytics and monitoring system.
    * AWS Monitoring & Support
    * Log & Event Monitoring
    * Application Monitoring.
  • AWS Security.

    By introducing a high level of security, AWS can be fully trusted. As AWS development is rapidly changing, the security level always meets the highest standards.
    * Managed Virus Scanning
    * Managed Data Backups.
  • AWS Storage.

    AWS's data storage is among the largest in today’s cloud market. Besides that, there is no need to overpay for the storage you don’t use. There are a number of smart solutions to choose from to suit your needs.
  • AWS Migration.

    These services allow you to perform a systematic migration of all required information to the cloud. The variety of tools helps to choose the right strategy for data or app migration. It can be Amazon S3 or Forklift. It is important to choose the right way and safely transfer all required elements in the most modern way.
  • AWS Cloud Automation and Management.

    Thank the innovative approach, AWS is famous in IT sphere. AWS development is made up of various features that make AWS so easy to use in a combination of various operations.
  • AWS Operations and Reports.

    AWS Web Development provides different types of databases, which can be used to build almost any type of cloud application. You can easily prepare the needed report to manage the information you need.


AWS in Work


  • 01

    Amazon EC2

    Easy to create virtual services and to monitor them in real-time.

  • 02

    Amazon Glacier

    Easy to manage data as archival, reducing the actual costs.

  • 03

    Amazon RDS

    Easy to work with the database to provide high performance.

  • 04

    Amazon CloudFront

    Easy to distribute static and dynamic web content according to personal preferences.

  • 05

    Amazon SQS

    Easy to manage data with SQS.




Why Choose AWS

Apart from the fact that using AWS shows your high expertise in modern technologies and introduces your position on the market, it has a number of important features which will make you and your business more advanced. AWS development will help you to benefit in many ways, while AWS cloud computing will push your business to a brand new level.

Large variety of AWS services

A number of important benefits make AWS useful and unique. It makes easy to deploy, scale, monitor and secure infrastructure in the cloud. It is worth noting, that such global companies as Reddit, Netflix, Pinterest, Reuters use AWS for their business purposes. We provide various services which will help you and your business You can turn to our specialists to determine what range of services do you exactly need. Basically, Amazon Web Services offer you a full package of services.

Set Up -> Migration -> Monitoring -> Managing

Such an approach helps both to introduce new features to the existing business and to test totally new virtual models. Besides that, you will have access to AWS powerful network, where you can share the experience and scale yourself.

5 Reasons To Choose AWS

Apart from being provided by one of the strongest IT companies, Amazon Web Services can boast with a number of really strong advantages.

  • Security Level

    The security standards are among the highest within the market.

  • Accessibility

    The huge variety of services gives you opportunity to use powerful cloud and build the network you need, test it, and relaunch it as many times as you need. It is worth saying, that the network is constantly expanding within regions, so there are no limits across the world. It is also possible to work over projects from any part of the globe.

  • Availability

    The availability of various features is what AWS really famous for. From computing technologies of different scales to machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can also turn to very convenient analytics and create reports estimating the required parameters.

  • Smart pricing

    Thanks to smart pay-you-go pricing, Amazon Services help you to reduce your costs significantly. Besides that, you can run any application without useless commitments. Generally speaking, Amazon provides smart pricing almost for all its services and features.

  • Become innovative

    With AWS, it is easy to try new features and introduce the most innovative technologies in your product. Transforming business has never been so easy, and thanks to its features, you can try different types of modifications in as many ways as you and your business needs.

Bright Developers for AWS

If you want to make your business more productive, turn to AWS services provided by our Brights specialists. We are ready to face any challenges, as using AWS has a large variety of services and AWS is different from normal product architecture. We provide 24/7 support which ensures high performance of your projects.

The services you can get are truly impressive: from determining your goals and choosing the right strategy and picking the required products to providing scalable product testing and working on ensuring risk efficiency. Here are some features which AWS can provide:

  • 01

    Developing any type of application

  • 02

    Secure work and high level of data protection

  • 03

    Running a product at its peak efficiency

  • 04

    Estimating and predicting costs

  • 05

    Monitoring of AWS infrastructure



Our company provides a perfect combination of AWS solutions, so you can be absolutely sure that your goals will be reached in the right way. From AWS development to AWS computing, all will have all you need right in your hands.

Turning to us means that you are ready to face the future in a smart way. Choose the right tools for your job, the rest Brights will do for you. If you need advice regarding AWS or feel like consulting regarding any specific feature, feel free to contact our specialist. We are happy to provide our support any time you need.


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